Brad Shreve

Brad’s life has been a series of adjustments. 

He was 35 and had a wife and daughter when he came out, forcing him to adapt from living a lie to being who he is overnight. Freeing, yet difficult. 

Later, drugs and alcohol consumed his life taking him from a being corporate executive to living on the streets of Los Angeles. Once he believed he had rebounded his life took another turn and he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A disease he struggled with his entire life but didn’t understand. 

Brad realized although his life was a series of struggles, he survived by following the inspiration of others and redefining his life and what success meant to him. Many people, have the definition of success thrust upon them and queer people especially. 

Wanting others to be inspired as he had been he decided to launch Queer We Are. Brad’s goal is to motivate and inspire listeners without feeling they’re listening to a show about motivation and inspiration. His expectation is he’ll help more people by making his conversations equally entertaining. 

Understanding there is no one ideal for everyone, it was important to him to not be another podcast about climbing the corporate ladder, seeking fortune, or following new age traditions to find oneself. Instead, Brad’s guests include people from all walks of life. They share how they achieved success and what obstacles they faced, but conversations frequently begin with allowing his guests define success for themselves.

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