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Emma Goswell from the Coming Out Stories podcast
Emma Goswell with Coming Out Stories talks with Kit, who redefined herself at the age of 30 by coming out as a lesbian. Join us on her journey, the struggles, triumphs and how she’s changing the UK theatre scene.

Ever wonder what it feels like to redefine yourself, step into a new identity, and navigate a world that feels like a foreign country? That’s what Kit experienced when she came out as a lesbian at the age of 30. Recorded for the Coming Out Stories podcast, Kit and Emma Goswell explore her journey, discussing the societal expectations and realities that made her struggle with her identity. They examine the stereotypical portrayal of the “coming out” experience versus the sometimes anticlimactic reality, and the transformative process of creating a fresh life and a new identity.  Kit not only embraces change but defiantly uses her story to challenge the status quo in the theatre production world.

Host Brad Shreve is on vacation and rather than give you dead air during his time away, he has chosen episodes from some of his favorite podcasts to share with you. This week’s episode is from Coming Out Stories, a podcast hosted by the delightful Emma Goswell.


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