“My Best Friend was a Light Pole on the Playground,” with David S Pederson

David S Pederson seated while wearing a suit.
Discover how author David S Peterson turned life's adversities into fuel for his dreams. Get ready for an inspiring journey from childhood bullying, a dangerous physical attack, and a life-threatening illness to a life filled with laughter, resilience, and the celebration of National Underwear Day!

What if you could find strength in the darkest of life’s moments? Meet David S Peterson, an author whose bumpy road to success has been paved with resilience and positivity. His incredible journey, from overcoming school bullying and a brutal physical attack to harnessing the power of theater and choir, will leave you awestruck. This episode is a testament to David’s indomitable spirit, his zest for life and his infectious positivity that radiates even when the going gets tough.

David’s not just about resilience, though. He’s a man on a mission, an advocate for vegetarianism, environmentalism, and mental health. The Heath Barrington Mysteries and the Mason Adler Mysteries, his two mystery series set in the 1940s, are more than just page-turners, they are educational tools aimed at inspiring, enlightening, and making an impact on its readers.

But it’s not all serious! Prepare to chuckle as we celebrate National Underwear Day with David. His ability to rebound from the most difficult situations includes a good amount of silliness. His appreciation for what life has to offer manifests itself in his love of laughter.  Get ready to be inspired and motivated as you listen to David S Peterson’s story – a beautiful illustration of triumph over adversity.


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About David S Pederson

David S. Pederson was born in Leadville, Colorado, where his father was a miner. Soon after, the family relocated to Wisconsin, where David grew up, attending high school and university, majoring in business and creative writing. Landing a job in retail, he found himself relocating to New York, Massachusetts, and eventually back to Wisconsin.

He and his husband now reside in the sunny Southwest.

David is the author of the Heath Barrington mysteries as well as the Mason Adler mysteries. His third book, Death
Checks In, was a finalist for the 2019 Lambda Literary Awards. His fourth book, Death Takes A Bow, was a finalist
for the 2020 Lambda Literary Awards.

He has written many short stories and poems and is passionate about mysteries, old movies, and crime novels.

When not reading or writing, David also enjoys working out, and studying classic ocean liners, floor plans, and
historic homes.

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