Everyone’s a Little Bit Gayish with Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz

Gayish hosts Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz hugging
Gayish podcast hosts Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz explore stereotypes and creating an inclusive community.

Join us as we navigate the challenges of gay stereotypes with Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz from the Gayish podcast and their mission to tear down narrow perceptions. We touch upon the wide spectrum of topics their show covers – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hilarious. Their diversity of episodes covering everything from farming and depression to butt plugs and penis size. We also explore the evolution of the Gayish podcast, from its humble beginnings six years ago to the buzz it now creates on platforms like Oprah Magazine, Esquire magazine, and BuzzFeed.

Mike and Kyle take us behind the scenes of their podcasting world, sharing insights about how they built their loyal community through a supportive and relatable environment for listeners, their knack for infusing humor into serious topics, plus how their years long friendship led to creating Gayish.


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