Courage in the Courtroom with Sasha Buchert’s LGBTQ Advocacy, Representing Lambda Legal

Sasha J. BuchertStaff Attorney, Lambda Legal
Sasha Buchert discusses the progress and challenges in LGBTQ+ rights, particularly for non-binary and trans individuals. She and Brad delve into the importance of inclusive representation, advocacy in local elections, and the impact of discriminatory legislation. This episode emphasis on humanizing LGBTQ+ stories and the need for collective action and optimism for positive change.

Amidst the political upheavals post-2016, non-binary and transgender rights have found a fierce ally in Sasha Buchert with Lambda Legal. Sasha and Brad delve into the evolving landscape of LGBTQ+ rights and representation. They shine a light on the progress made in the inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals, while also addressing the challenges and discrimination by far-right groups, especially those faced by the trans and non-binary community. From the impact of local elections to the fight for gender-affirming care and the role of organizations like Lambda Legal, their conversation explores the complex and vital issues surrounding LGBTQ+ rights.


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