A Story of Sunday Dinners, Moonshine and Men

Tate Barkley
Tate Barkley shares his story of walking through fire and emerging stronger. He shares battling alcohol addiction, family conflicts and finding a way through it all, Tate's tale is raw and inspiring with laughs too. His experiences serve as a reminder, showing sobriety isn't just about ceasing alcohol consumption, but learning to reshape your life.

Tate Barkley, a man who has walked through the fire and emerged stronger than ever shares his story. Battling alcohol addiction, enduring family conflicts and finding a way through it all, Tate’s takes on a journey which is both raw and inspiring with plenty of laughs in his telling of it. His experiences serve as a poignant reminder, showing that sobriety isn’t just about ceasing alcohol consumption, but learning to reshape your life without it. A reminder we can start over again.

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About Tate Barkley

Tate Barkley is an accomplished attorney, speaker, and educator. His newly released memoir SUNDAY DINNERS, MOONSHINE, AND MEN reveals his extraordinary journey from growing up closeted and afraid in the rural south during the mid-20th century to living as an out, highly respected attorney in a time when the basic rights of the LGBTQ+ community remain under attack by the highest offices in the land and individual and community opinions often follow suit.

About “Sunday Dinners, Moonshine, And Men

Tate Barkley grew up in the small towns of North Carolina, where money was tight, dreams seldom came true, and family secrets were kept hidden. His Grandmother’s house was a sanctuary where he felt loved―and her big Sunday dinners nourished his stomach and soul.

After his parents divorced, he discovered his mother’s new boyfriend, and eventual husband, was his biological father― a charming dreamer who would disappear for months at a time, leaving his family to fend for themselves.

As a teen, Tate began drinking. His father was a heavy drinker, and Tate was always looking for ways to connect with him and hold on to the moment before he slipped away again. Drinking gave Tate a sense of calm, and it numbed him from the love he was missing in his life. After years of drinking, losing his law practice, and hitting rock bottom, he realized he either needed to take responsibility and change―or he’d end up dead.

This is a Southern boy’s story of surviving in a good ole boys’ world. Tate fought his way back, ended a life built on lies, and forged a path to accept his true self―with or without his father’s love.

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