Smuggler, Stowaway, A Life of Adventure With Timothy Jay Smith

Timothy Jay Smith
This episode explores Timothy Jay Smith's experiences and inspirations behind his novels, delving into themes of human trafficking, refugee issues, and the impact of his real-life adventures on his writing. From male sex trafficking to his time spent in Palm Springs, Smith's storytelling is as captivating as the diverse range of topics he covers.

Imagine your life as a page-turner novel, filled with clandestine operations and transformative work across the globe. That’s the reality for Timothy J. Smith, our guest, who has led a life as intriguing as the fiction he pens. Smuggling plays from Czechoslovakia, spending nights in African jails, narrowly escaping a perilous journey to Puerto Rico, Smith’s real-life adventures make for an engaging and unpredictable conversation and his thrilling tales don’t stop at his own experiences; they serve as the foundation for his novels.  We trace Timothy’s journey from idealistic youngster to dedicated aid worker, an odyssey that has seen him influence both policy and people, shaping the Palestinian economy and founding the Tanzania Tree Project.

About Timothy Jay Smith

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