I Love Lucy in Space. Tony Maietta on Hollywood’s Evolution and Iconic Figures

Tony Maietta on a set
Tony Mayetta explores Hollywood's past, Lucy Ball's impact on popular culture, and the legacy of Grey Gardens, which was featured in a documentary and two movies. Join us as he takes us back to the golden era of Tinseltown and the evolution of the film industry.

Tony Maietta is a man of many talents: actor, host, producer, writer, and author. Tony’s passionate and insightful tales of Tinseltown’s golden era will have you leaning in to hear more. From his personal journey to LA in the 90s, with nothing more than dreams of an Emmy, to his intimate knowledge of Hollywood’s transformation over the years, Tony enlightens us about the evolution of the film industry, the fading era of relationship-focused films, and the impact of CGI.

Tony delves the intricate life of Lucille Ball, a showgirl turned comedic genius turned Hollywood studio president, a feat few could even dream of achieving. We delve into Lucy’s perfectionism, her unwavering loyalty to her friends, and her immense impact on popular culture through her iconic character, Lucy Ricardo.

We also discuss Grey Gardens, the now-celebrated mansion chronicled in a documentary Grey Gardens and two feature-length films. Tony Maietta and Jerry Torre co-wrote a memoir on Jerry’s time at the mansion.


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About Tony Maietta

Tony Maietta is an actor, writer and host specializing in Classic Hollywood. He has appeared in many documentaries
on film and film history, as well as on Turner Classic Movies, Bravo, here-tv, etc. Tony was the host of “The Lucy
Show” dvds put out by CBS (Lucille Ball’s second series). His latest book is “The Marble Faun of Grey
Gardens”, written with Jerry Torre (the Marble Faun) which is available in print and on audible.

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