Chronicles of Classic Hollywood: Film Idols and Moviemaking

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Tony Maietta delves into the captivating personas of classic Hollywood actors, discussing their impact on cinema. From Cary Grant's charm and versatility to the relationship between Hepburn and Tracy, he explores the complexities of fame, chemistry between co-stars, and the ever-changing landscape of Tinseltown. A must-listen for film enthusiasts and lovers of old Hollywood.

Get ready to time travel with Tony Maeta, a seasoned actor, writer, and host, who will be our guide through classic Hollywood. Unearth the gems and unravel the mysteries around the charming Cary Grant as we explore his career highs, the many faces he donned, and the enigma of his personal life. Join us as we step into the shoes of a Hollywood gossip columnist of yesteryears and examine how Hollywood moguls used this to their advantage, and sometimes, their peril.

We take a walk down the memory lane of the golden era of cinema, dissecting the dynamics of being a movie star versus an actor, and how popularity often trumps merit during the Academy Award voting process. Be prepared to dive deep into the romantic saga of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, a tale encompassing raw passion, unspoken emotions, and an enduring platonic bond.

Get set for a thought-provoking discussion on the evolving theater and home viewing experiences, and how this shift has affected the way we perceive and enjoy films. So, buckle up for an enthralling ride into the enchanting world of classic Hollywood with our beloved guide, Tony Maeta.



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About Tony Maietta

Tony Maietta is an actor, writer and host specializing in Classic Hollywood. He has appeared in many documentaries
on film and film history, as well as on Turner Classic Movies, Bravo, HERE TV, etc. Tony was the host of “The Lucy
Show” dvds put out by CBS (Lucille Ball’s second series). His latest book is “The Marble Faun of Grey
Gardens”, written with Jerry Torre (the Marble Faun) which is available in print and on audible.

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