Queer We Are podcast

The Positive LGBTQ Stories Podcast

On Queer We Are, you’ll hear conversations with LGBTQ+ people with a no bitching policy.

Brad Shreve interviews queer everyday people, celebrities, and community leaders with interesting and positive stories.  Challenges our community faces today may come up but we don’t stay there long. Guests share what they’re doing to make a difference, or they may simply want to entertain. 

Our difficulties you see in the headlines should not be ignored but each week Queer We Are gives you the break you deserve and keep your hope alive.
Guests include gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and non-binary, intersex, and allies sharing their stories.

Meet The Host

Brad Shreve is the creator and host of Queer We Are. His goal is to motivate and inspire listeners without feeling they’re listening to a show about motivation and inspiration. 

From coming out at the age of 35 with a wife and daughter, to losing his career and becoming homeless due to drugs and alcohol, and later to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Brad has made by it by redefining his life with each step.

He hopes his story, and others who overcame their own obstacles will assist those looking for direction. 

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